Bruce (Skip) Lee MD CMD Memorial Lecture

1:30 - 3:30pm                   Infection Control – Keys to Gain and Maintain Control in LTC

                                                     Even before COVID we all recognized that infection control in LTC should have

                                                      been a much higher QA/PI priority. From providers making best practice prescribing

                                                      decisions, to monitoring infection trends, to maintaining caregiver compliance at

                                                      the bedside and down the hall, we must develop working solutions. It cannot be

                                                      done without the leadership of the Medical Director.  Includes issues in antibiotic stewardship. 

                                                            Presented by: Robin L. Jump MD PhD, Case Western Reserve University, GRECC

  3:30 - 3:45pm                    Short Break - More coffee. Jog a few laps around the house.                                       

 3:45 - 4:45pm                  Do You Know What Your Patient Wants?

                                               The Culture Change Network has identified a problem that medical providers really have

                                               not understood or embraced the term "Patient-Centered Care." The concept begins right

                                              at admission when the care team needs to know what the patient/family really expects

                                              and desires what the outcome of the PA/LTC visit will be.  This goes far beyond just                            

                                              advance directives.

                                                            Presented by: Linda Kluge RD LD CPQH, Executive Director, Quality Improvement

                                                            Organization at Alliant Health Solutions.

 4:45 - 5:45pm                    Trauma Informed Care – Integrating Into Care Planning and Process

                                                       Trauma-informed care is addressed in Part III of the Federal Regulation Guidance

                                                        Update.  It involves more than PTSD.  It involves discovering if there are prior

                                                         events in a patient’s life that resulted in trauma that needs to be considered in the

                                                         patient’s current care plan. Discovering information requires special skill.                 

                                                               Presented by:  Kathy Dexter PA-C MLS MHA MPA

                                                               District Coordinator, CSRA Georgia, CHE Behavioral Services

 5:45 - 6:45pm                     COVID Stress Aftermath - How Are YOU Doing? 

                                                       Fly-overs, pot-banging, and other encouragements are appreciated, BUT we know

                                                       the loss of patients whom we have really known, the unknown end to the

                                                       madness, and the fear for personal and family safety take a toll. Now is not the time

                                                        to be stoic.  The speaker will guide you through practical ideas and processes

                                                        to be a healthier caregiver.

                                                               Presented by:  Jennifer Birdsall PhD  Licensed Clinical Psychologist

                                                               Clinical Director, California, CHE Behavioral Services                  

 6:45 - 7:00 pm                     Thank you. Reminder to Process Your Evaluations and CE and to Turn in Your

                                            Hours to Your Administrator(s)