You can find the GMDA Membership Guide here.

 The role of the nursing home medical director is more important than ever, with constant changes in regulatory requirements and a rapidly growing elderly population. Both as practitioners and as medical directors, physicians in the nursing home are becoming increasingly important and visible. Medical directors need help in understanding their roles, and in dealing with the many difficult clinical, professional, administrative, ethical, and public policy issues. GMDA is the source of this help in Georgia, and offers representation in the regulatory and legislative areas as well.

Due to the new realities of long term care and recognizing the need for a positive voice for medical directors, GMDA is taking the initiative to represent, educate, and advocate on behalf of physicians and all members of the healthcare team who practice in long term care settings.

All of this explains why you need us. Now, in order to expand our activities and influence, GMDA needs YOU. 

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Membership Benefits

  • Annual CME Symposium: Professional education on current issues in long-term care.
  • Support Network: Valuable opportunities for expand your professional contacts and peer discussion.
  • Representation & Advocacy: Become part of the collective voice for long-term care. We represent your professional interests through representation, education, and advocacy on behalf of physicians and industry professionals. We also collaborate with AMDA on issues at the federal level that impact our profession.
  • Communications & Resources: Stay informed about current issues in long-term care through regular e-mail alerts, online resources, and a central Executive Office.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Opportunities for leadership and involvement in the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Fellow/Resident members are eligible for travel and registration scholarships to GMDA and AMDA meetings.
  • Awards & Prizes: General members are eligible for local leadership and service awards; an annual poster competition will be held for resident members at the Winter Symposium with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Membership Renewal and Termination

The annual GMDA membership term extends from January 1-December 31 each year.

Initial membership renewal notices will be mailed in the fall prior to the membership year being billed. (For example: 2020 Membership Dues invoices are mailed in September 2019.) Follow-up notices will be sent to unpaid members monthly throughout the year.
Members who have not renewed their membership prior to the annual Summer Symposium will be contacted and encouraged to renew by the Executive Office and Board of Directors. If a member fails to renew by the conclusion of the Summer Symposium, they will be dropped from the membership roster.
Members who were dropped for non-payment of dues may reinstate their membership by submitting a new application and applicable dues payment.

Policies or actions concerning membership are subject to change at any time by the GMDA Board of Directors.